Who We Are

This personal blog about life is a site that talks about consciously choosing to work towards being the best versions of ourselves that we can be. All of us live in a competitive world. And we sometimes feel like we need to compete with each other to get where we want to be. The thing is, we really only need to compete with ourselves. In a daily basis, we can get stronger, wiser and better. There is a lot of potential within us and we just have to find the motivation and self-awareness to be our most authentic selves.


We at third sector-hci is a group of people who want to share our life goals and experiences to let other people connect with us. Telling them that they are not alone in this life. There is a saying that no man is an island everyone of us even though we want to be alone we still need to have someone besides us. Every one of us will help each other to grow on a daily basis by learning from others mistakes and achievements.


The purpose of these blogs about life experience is to collaborate where we could showcase voices from around the world. And we can express different experiences and tips on how to be our best selves. I can see the potential of getting help and inspiration from other achievers and big dreamers. All of us can help each other strive and conquer.


I want to see that wherever we are. We hope that we are a place of positivity and encouragement for you. Seeing different cultures and beliefs are in one place sharing their own failures and ways to stand up again. Sometimes in our life, we want to write our feelings and present emotion. This is our life goals to help someone to reach them. Through our blogs, we people can write to us and listen to what their emotion is saying.