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Call for Participation

This workshop will develop the first version of a Code of Good Practice for HCI research involving third sector organisations (TSOs), a term used to describe a varietyof Non-Profit enterprises, service providers, and movements that exist independently from Government and (for-profit) Private Enterprises. The workshop offers a space to discuss how collaborations with TSOs impact (1) the third sector, (2) the research, and (3) the researchers.

We first focus on group reflections of researcher experiences when working in or with TSOs to explore ethical and pragmatic tensions regarding the performance of this work. Secondly, we will produce an initial draft of a Code of Good Practice that will inform further work in this space.

We welcome submissions in both creative formats (+short bio) and short papers written in the SIGCHI Extended Abstract format (max. 3 pages + references + short bio). Submissions should address one or more of the below topics and should be sent to

Admittance will be on the basis of workshop relevance, and the potential of contribution to discussions, as reviewed by the workshop organisers. If accepted, we require that at least one author of the paper attends the workshop, who must also register for at least one day of the conference. We ask accepted participants to prepare two slides (one about themselves and one on their research) for the introductory presentations.

Deadlines and Dates

Please send submissions to

Last Updated : 6 April 2018